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TAPS Decorative Plumbing is a friendly, top notch boutique, customizing in gorgeous bathrooms and kitchens. TAPS is one of the few boutiques to carry products from Madeli, Alno and California Faucets...just to name a few. Here is what you ca 

  • Services are tailored for a wide range of clients to meet individual needs and budget.

  • The process starts with the initial consultation, which usually runs for at least one hour.

  • Appointments are requested in advance. We can meet at our showroom, your home, or at your contractor’s office.

  • Contractors and designers are welcome to attend with their clients. (We also offer targeted services for architects, designers and contractors.)

  • The initial consultation is the time to form our relationship and discuss what you want to achieve, your budget, and the scope of the project.

  • Please bring plans, specifications, and a few examples of styles, colors and furniture, for instance, that appeal to you. This will give a better understanding of your preferences.

  • At this time, schedules and design fees will also be discussed.

  • Once we come to an agreement to move forward, a contract is signed for services and we can set up future appointments for product selection, site visits, etc.

Stop by the showroom to see the beautiful fixtures and to inquire about what services we offer!  


TAPS is not a cash and carry boutique.

About TAPS

TAPS Fee Schedule

At TAPS we think it’s important that our clients understand what the costs associated with a project are and why they are there. So, we like to be upfront about our fees and pricing ahead of time so everyone knows what to expect. While each project is unique, here are some of the details that we’d like you to be aware of ahead of time:


  • No cost initial consultation.

  • Personal shopping services for items other than decorative plumbing (with you or for you) are billed at 35.00 per hour. Payment is due via cash or check at time of invoice.

  • Design services, including but not limited to concept and layout drawings, are billed hourly, please speak with one of our associates for pricing. Billings for design services are due via cash or check upon receipt of invoice unless prior arrangements have been made.

  • Decorative plumbing and other materials may be purchased below retail cost. Applicable rush and/or shipping charges will be in addition to materials cost.

  • The manufacturers and suppliers terms for special orders, cancellations and other terms of sale, including “care and feeding”, will apply.

  • A 50% deposit is required for all material orders, payable via cash or check. Final payment is due at the time of order completion.

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